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Read the book before you see the movie

 A neat trick – Read the book before you can see the movie.

This is a standard in our home and a great rule to possibly implement in your own home with young readers.  “Read the book before you see the movie”. We won’t go see any movie until we’ve read the book. Whether my husband and I read the book to the kids or they read it alone, each member of the family can go see the movie after the book is read. So, if your child is looking forward to seeing the next Chronicles of Narnia movie, the next Harry Potter movie or the next Disney movie, they’ll have to read the book first or at least something very closely related if the movie is not based on a book!  You can probably do the same with netflix and whatever streaming system you use.

So when you here the next I want to go watch   such and such, just remind them that they must. Read the book before then can see the movie. You will get a little moaning at first, but they will get used to it.
Compare the movie and book afterward. You can discuss what was different between the two. What was changed and why. Did what they imagined- books without pictures – measure up with the movie. What would they change if they had the chance to make the movie themselves. Would they have made different castings.
That’s it. Another easy way to turn your child into a reader for life.
Happy reading
 Have a great rest of your week!

Summer or Anytime reading incentives

I just had  another great thought you could implement to get your little one reading more

Holiday / Summer or Anytime reading incentives

You can sign up for a summer reading program at pretty much any library in the country. If your local library does not have a summer reading program, then create one at home, with rewards for reading books. You can use a Monopoly (or Life) board and allow your child to move one space for each book he reads. Or if you want to have more fun, let him roll the dice each time he reads a book and have prizes available for passing certain points.

Make sure the rewards are something very desirable. If your child values time with you more than toys, then set a date together doing his favorite thing. If he values a certain toy, let him earn it. Or let him earn a chance to get out of his regular chores. Take him to his favorite restaurant. Just have fun with it and he /she will, too.
Another trick up your sleeve to get your child reading

Do you have a reluctant reader?

You have done everything you can think of to encourage your child to read and he or she is just not interested. All is not lost.

First be sure your child is a reluctant reader because of a lack of desire rather than ability.

  • Has his vision been checked?
  • Has her teacher expressed concern?

This of course would need to be addressed.If there is no physical or learning difficulty that is interfering with reading, then continue role modeling your love of reading; read to your child daily; keep on with your trips to the library.

Also make an effort to introduce reading into daily living activities.

  • Bake with your child and have him read the recipe out loud.
  • Have her be the navigator when you are driving; she can read the map and road signs.
  • Take your child grocery shopping and he can read the shopping list and find the products.
  • Have her check out nutrition values on the labels, if that is age appropriate.
  • Read the newspaper comics together.
  • Do science experiments with your child reading the instructions.
  • Introduce him to computer games that encourage reading.
  • Play board games that require reading or spelling.

Finally a reluctant reader may simply not be interested in the reading material available to them. Follow your child’s passion and find non-fiction books and magazines that are relevant. Help your child choose fiction books that are attractive to his or her personality.
Don’t despair; literacy can be developed in so many ways.