Obstacles to Success in Montessori Teaching

Montessori Teaching

Obstacles to Success in Montessori Teaching

We have so far tackled 2 of the 3 obstacles to success inMontessori teaching and homeschooling; fear and isolation.

Today we will focus on the last one

Obstacle to Success 3 : Confusion and Lack of Direction:

The 3rd major obstacle to success in Montessori Teaching that many teachers and parents face has to do with overcoming the confusion of just how to get started or what to do next. Having heard much conflicting advice and not having a plan to follow leads to many homeschoolers not knowing which direction to move in.

Can you relate to this feeling of overwhelm? In my opinion one of the most important parts to effective Montessori teaching is having access to Montessori albums, sequences and Montessori materials. These 3 things help simplify the complex world of educating your children so that you have a crystal clear, specifically defined, plan of action to pursue.

This same lesson is tru for our children. If we provide them, clear concise plans of what is expected and the steps to get there, many things become easier. A science project, once it has been broken down into its component parts and a plan is drawn, then it becomes simple and the overwhelm is gone, removing a major obstacle to success!