Using your child’s learning style to improve reading

Once you have determined your child’s learning style, how do you use that information to help them learn?  Here are a couple of pointers that you can use  to engage your child  using their learning style preference to improve reading.

Improve Reading – Visual Learner

The child whose main learning preference is visual, thrives on images. Have them draw images from the book. Rewrite key words that they learnt or look for similar words and patterns when you are out and  bout.

  • Point out details in pictures and illustrations in the book.
  • Use highlighting tape/bookmark in text or a pointer
  • Make reference to visuals around the room that are similar to the book.
  • Use expressive body language and gestures.
  • Using flash cards
  • Make boxes around letters or words (whole word).

This is a great learning to read set for visual learners  because the pages are black and white, which gives them the opportunity to color in books and keeps them visually engaged

Improve Reading – Auditory Learner

Talking and discussions are a great way to engage your auditory reader and improve their reading skills and retention. Allow them to hear the story, that could be you pre-recording your reading  of the book, or getting an audio of the book to read along with. Seeing the movie or play of the book is also a great retention mechanism for auditory learners.

  • Talking to themselves or with others about what they’re reading
  • Reading a book and listening to the audio book at the same time (make a recording of the book ahead of time)
  • Read alouds.
  • Teach rhymes or sing to learn skills.
  • Encourage retellings of the book.
  • Provide Puppets
  • Clap out the syllables in words.
  • Vary pitch and tone of voice when reading.


Improve Reading – Kinesthetic and Tactile Learner

For these active learners, the trick to improve reading and learning is to make it an active event. Allow them to read in motion or if that is not possible, let them take frequent breaks to run a lap, do jumping jacks for pages read or act out the page just read.

  • Tracking words on a page with a finger
  • Act out the book and model role-playing .
  • Provide props for story retelling.
  • Use large-motor activities to reinforce concepts.
  • Moving around or taking frequent breaks.
  • Practice writing in cornmeal, sand, or salt to reinforce new words.
  • Learn using rhythm and keeping the beat to learn new words.
  • Provide fidget toys

This same set is a great learning to read set for kinesthetic learners  because the pages are black and white, which gives them the opportunity to be active when they get to color  the pages they have read.


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