Christmas can be Stressful

Christmas can be Stressful

Christmas is almost upon us and with its joyful celebration there can also be stress: there is too much to do, too much money being spent, visitors coming, gifts to choose…… For younger children this time of happiness can also be overwhelming. So yes Christmas can be stressful for all.

To help keep peace and goodwill in the Christmas season, here are some handy tips for parents:

Try to follow routines as closely as possible. Stick to regular bedtimes, baths and naps.

Have meals and snacks at the usual times. Hungry children may turn into cranky kids.

Christmas is not the best time to introduce new foods or potty training.

Having said all this, there also needs to be flexibility. Let children know when there will be exceptions to the routines. Try to keep your own stress level down. High emotions seem to be contagious and children are like sponges, soaking up the highs and lows.

If children get overexcited have them take a break; read a book with them or go for a walk.

Finally, accept that there will be some upsets, some spills, maybe some tears – that does not mean Christmas is ruined! A “perfect” Christmas happens on television and not in real life.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

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