The morning rush

morning rush

I was fortunate to be home with my boys until they were school age. Then I returned to college which threw the family into turmoil. Schedules were changed and expectations were different. I no longer had the time to indulge everyone’s whims. I was a student with a schedule of my own!

A big challenge was getting the boys off to school and me off to college on time every morning. It took a while and some trials and tribulations, but this is what I learned.

Prepare as much as you can the night before. Have the kids pick out their outfits. Pack the lunches, or better yet, have the children do their own lunches. Make sure the homework and booksare in the back pack.

Baths are for the evening, not the morning.

Set the table for breakfast.

Make sure the kids and you get to bed on time.

Stick to the same routine every morning. Set the alarm. Feed the dog. Feed the cat…….

Sounds simple and it’s not. Kids are not always this cooperative. If this does not go smoothly, a natural consequence may be an earlier wake up time or earlier bed time, or forgotten homework.

There were times that I was so tired in the evening, I couldn’t face making another packed lunch. A natural consequence for me was the addedstress in the morning.

I also had a mantra – this too shall pass. The children will get older. I will graduate from college. And being late occasionally is not the end of the world.

Oh right, if there is a husband in the picture, do not do this alone! Superwomen are so passé.

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