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What to do with Old Socks?

got socks
I was folding clean laundry the other day and noticed several of my husband’s white cotton gym socks had holes on the heels. It was very irritating as the rest of the sock was intact and in good shape. There was no use trying to stitch the holes as there would be an uncomfortable lump and my husband would not be impressed. However being frugal I searched for practical and useful ways to reuse and repurpose the socks. These are not necessarily original ideas but are ones I have now actually used.

The gym socks are particularly great for household chores. I put a sock on my hand to wash floors. They are great for cleaning mirrors and washing windows. I use them to polish brass or silver. I love them for dusting furniture; wear it like a mitten and when one side gets dusty turn it inside out. Put them on your feet and you can dust wooden stairs and in corners.

I use the old socks for applying shoe polish and then buffing the shoes. When I refinish furniture, I apply varnish using the socks. And guess what, faux painting walls is coming back in style; the socks are great for ragging (google “paint ragging” to learn how) .

Old socks are also great for pets. Put a little catnip in the sock and knot the end. Of course, make sure the holes have been stitched up!? Or stuff a tennis ball into the toe of the sock for a dog toy.

You can make sock puppets or cut the foot off the sock and use the tube to make doll dresses.

My challenge to you is to share on some of the ideas you have come up with to repurpose old socks! Lets see how many ideas we can come up with.

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