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Learning Math while cooking

Can children learn math and arithmetic skills while cooking?

For sure.
At its most basic there is the act of counting – one egg, two eggs, one cup, two. Have the children double or half the recipe to practice multiplication and division. Help them estimate the number of servings needed per person.


Children can practice their math measurement skills and learn about fractions while cooking. Be sure to have a selection of measuring cups and teaspoons and tablespoons in various sizes. Encourage the children to explore the measures. How many ¼ cups of flour do you need to make a full cup?
Use the opportunity to teach shapes. Cut cookie dough into different geometric figures; who wouldn’t want to eat a hexagon!

There is sorting (dry ingredients and wet), sequencing (what gets added first) and the opportunity to learn mathematical properties and terms such as more or less.

Set the oven temperature and convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit; adjust the timer and divide the minutes in seconds. When the cooking is complete challenge the children to share equally.
Ask lots of stimulating questions and remember to have fun while cooking and learning math.

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