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Halloween Safety Tips Download

In the interest of keeping our little ones safe while they have fun, we came up with a few tips for both the kids and parents.

To make it easy we have 2 Downloads:Halloween Safety Tips for Kids which you can download and go over with your kids. It is in a handy format, so they can take it with them and read for themselves.

The second download is Halloween Safety Tips for parents. You probably already know them all, but it never hurts to get a refresher. It will also help model for your children, that you care enough to read and go over the rules a couple of times as the big day approaches. You might want to post both on the refrigerator or somewhere handy and easily accessible. Little ones will probably want to go over the checklist with you and make sure you are following the rules – good reading for them.

I suggest printing them on Cardstock paper. Please feel free to share with other kids and families- we can never be too safe. The info graphics also makes for a fun and free Halloween giveaway if laminated.

Your free Halloween safety Tips are here to download πŸ™‚

You will have to go through the purchase to get the download, but it really is free – no tricks!

I just was technologically stumped to do it any other way!

Have a safe and Spooktakular Halloween!

Kids Halloween Costume – To make or buy ?

kids halloween costume

A decision that a lot of parents face this time of year is whether to make or buy their kids halloween costume. The question is do you take the time to make a unique, quality kids halloween costume that probably won’t get worn again or do you buy something that is quality but will take a bite out of your wallet, or do you just get something cheap and disposable?

This year my daughter’s halloween costume is a toothbrush (go figure) and she will be making it herself with clothes she can reuse later. A little bit of buying and making in our case.

Are you making, buying or going disposable this year with your kids Halloween costume.
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Would love to here your thoughts!