Boo!! Halloween learning activities for kids

Tomorrow is Halloween…

I know you are busy creating costumes and treats and cleaning the house if you are hosting a party. Your kids are underfoot and chomping at the bit to go Trick or Treating.
So why not turn the whole experience into a learning adventure that you all will enjoy.

Here are some Halloween learning activities for kids that you can pick and choose from depending on the capabilities and ages of your children.


Have the kids sort out their candy and treats when they get home or the day after.
Ideas for sorting:

  • Color of wrappers
  • Shape – Round vs. Square vs. Rectangular
  • With or without sticks
  • Healthy or not
  • Nutritional value

Math & Graphing

Keep track of the differences by graphing on sheets of graph paper.


Give them the job of being detectives on the hunt and be observant. Have them look and remember the different costumes while out trick or treating or at a Halloween party.

Writing & Language

Have them record their costume observations.
Write about the whole experience
Compare and contrast the different costumes

Science or Art

Deconstruct the most creative or interesting costumes and figure out how they would recreate it and what materials etc. would be required.


Save some candy for me!! Put in little bag and take to post office — Great learning experience on sharing and the postal system 🙂