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Summer Reading!

Summer is finally here !

Research by the International Reading Association has  shown that children who do not read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and the loss of that knowledge is a cumulative and has a long-term effect. To help with that, we have a great summer reading sale going on now at our ebay store. Go on over and stock up on books and teaching staples for a summer full of reading and learning!

Summer Reading Sale
Summer Reading Sale Going on Now

So take the time out of school  right now and incorporate learning and reading along with all those other fun activities, like camp and lazy days at the beach. Some ideas of what your child can do to keep the knowledge from the last school year:

  • Write Stories in the sand while at the beach.
  • Write a journal of all the summer activities
  • Join a summer reading contest at your local library or bookshop
  • Get some books out of the library of places you will visit and activities that you have planned
  • Read and find items on the shopping list
  • Help prepare meals by reading the recipes and measuring
  • Read a book and re-enact it with friends
  • Make a game and write out the rules for the whole family to follow

Enjoy your Summer reading adventures !  Stop by the store for many books for summer reading at great prices!


Are you making this common mistake when teaching your child to read?


lowercase alphabet letters common mistake when teaching your child to read
lowercase alphabet letters

Are you making the common mistake of starting to teach the letter symbols with uppercase letters versus the lowercase letters when teaching your child to read?. If you look at most written text that you read everyday, approximately 95% of it is in lowercase!

If you want your child to be an early reader and to read easily, then stack the deck in their favor and start with what they will see the most often – lowercase letters. This sometimes is easier said than done, since most of the alphabet blocks and magnetic letters that you find to buy are uppercase.

We have found a wonderful wooden lowercase alphabet letters set that is perfect for small hands to use and helps you avoid this common mistake when teaching your child to read!  The beauty of alphabet tiles is you can use them for a great number of things besides just using them to learn the letter sounds and begin creating words.  They are great to also use as game pieces and in craft projects.

Yes, your child will need to learn the uppercase letters to complete their knowledge, but it should not be the first thing they learn. This is a common mistake when teaching your child to read that is easily avoided.