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Halloween Safety Tips Download

In the interest of keeping our little ones safe while they have fun, we came up with a few tips for both the kids and parents.

To make it easy we have 2 Downloads:Halloween Safety Tips for Kids which you can download and go over with your kids. It is in a handy format, so they can take it with them and read for themselves.

The second download is Halloween Safety Tips for parents. You probably already know them all, but it never hurts to get a refresher. It will also help model for your children, that you care enough to read and go over the rules a couple of times as the big day approaches. You might want to post both on the refrigerator or somewhere handy and easily accessible. Little ones will probably want to go over the checklist with you and make sure you are following the rules – good reading for them.

I suggest printing them on Cardstock paper. Please feel free to share with other kids and families- we can never be too safe. The info graphics also makes for a fun and free Halloween giveaway if laminated.

Your free Halloween safety Tips are here to download 🙂

You will have to go through the purchase to get the download, but it really is free – no tricks!

I just was technologically stumped to do it any other way!

Have a safe and Spooktakular Halloween!

Kids Halloween Costume – To make or buy ?

kids halloween costume

A decision that a lot of parents face this time of year is whether to make or buy their kids halloween costume. The question is do you take the time to make a unique, quality kids halloween costume that probably won’t get worn again or do you buy something that is quality but will take a bite out of your wallet, or do you just get something cheap and disposable?

This year my daughter’s halloween costume is a toothbrush (go figure) and she will be making it herself with clothes she can reuse later. A little bit of buying and making in our case.

Are you making, buying or going disposable this year with your kids Halloween costume.
Please comment on Facebook here or send an e-mail.

Would love to here your thoughts!

What to do with Old Socks?

got socks
I was folding clean laundry the other day and noticed several of my husband’s white cotton gym socks had holes on the heels. It was very irritating as the rest of the sock was intact and in good shape. There was no use trying to stitch the holes as there would be an uncomfortable lump and my husband would not be impressed. However being frugal I searched for practical and useful ways to reuse and repurpose the socks. These are not necessarily original ideas but are ones I have now actually used.

The gym socks are particularly great for household chores. I put a sock on my hand to wash floors. They are great for cleaning mirrors and washing windows. I use them to polish brass or silver. I love them for dusting furniture; wear it like a mitten and when one side gets dusty turn it inside out. Put them on your feet and you can dust wooden stairs and in corners.

I use the old socks for applying shoe polish and then buffing the shoes. When I refinish furniture, I apply varnish using the socks. And guess what, faux painting walls is coming back in style; the socks are great for ragging (google “paint ragging” to learn how) .

Old socks are also great for pets. Put a little catnip in the sock and knot the end. Of course, make sure the holes have been stitched up!? Or stuff a tennis ball into the toe of the sock for a dog toy.

You can make sock puppets or cut the foot off the sock and use the tube to make doll dresses.

My challenge to you is to share on some of the ideas you have come up with to repurpose old socks! Lets see how many ideas we can come up with.

Click here and share your ideas with us and see what other people do with theirs!

or you can just shoot me an e-mail.

PS: We have a Columbus Day Sale running on eBay this weekend if you have been eyeing the geography and history items.

Have a great long Weekend!!


Christmas can be Stressful

Christmas can be Stressful

Christmas is almost upon us and with its joyful celebration there can also be stress: there is too much to do, too much money being spent, visitors coming, gifts to choose…… For younger children this time of happiness can also be overwhelming. So yes Christmas can be stressful for all.

To help keep peace and goodwill in the Christmas season, here are some handy tips for parents:

Try to follow routines as closely as possible. Stick to regular bedtimes, baths and naps.

Have meals and snacks at the usual times. Hungry children may turn into cranky kids.

Christmas is not the best time to introduce new foods or potty training.

Having said all this, there also needs to be flexibility. Let children know when there will be exceptions to the routines. Try to keep your own stress level down. High emotions seem to be contagious and children are like sponges, soaking up the highs and lows.

If children get overexcited have them take a break; read a book with them or go for a walk.

Finally, accept that there will be some upsets, some spills, maybe some tears – that does not mean Christmas is ruined! A “perfect” Christmas happens on television and not in real life.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

Boo!! Halloween learning activities for kids

Tomorrow is Halloween…

I know you are busy creating costumes and treats and cleaning the house if you are hosting a party. Your kids are underfoot and chomping at the bit to go Trick or Treating.
So why not turn the whole experience into a learning adventure that you all will enjoy.

Here are some Halloween learning activities for kids that you can pick and choose from depending on the capabilities and ages of your children.


Have the kids sort out their candy and treats when they get home or the day after.
Ideas for sorting:

  • Color of wrappers
  • Shape – Round vs. Square vs. Rectangular
  • With or without sticks
  • Healthy or not
  • Nutritional value

Math & Graphing

Keep track of the differences by graphing on sheets of graph paper.


Give them the job of being detectives on the hunt and be observant. Have them look and remember the different costumes while out trick or treating or at a Halloween party.

Writing & Language

Have them record their costume observations.
Write about the whole experience
Compare and contrast the different costumes

Science or Art

Deconstruct the most creative or interesting costumes and figure out how they would recreate it and what materials etc. would be required.


Save some candy for me!! Put in little bag and take to post office — Great learning experience on sharing and the postal system 🙂

Learning Math while cooking

Can children learn math and arithmetic skills while cooking?

For sure.
At its most basic there is the act of counting – one egg, two eggs, one cup, two. Have the children double or half the recipe to practice multiplication and division. Help them estimate the number of servings needed per person.


Children can practice their math measurement skills and learn about fractions while cooking. Be sure to have a selection of measuring cups and teaspoons and tablespoons in various sizes. Encourage the children to explore the measures. How many ÂĽ cups of flour do you need to make a full cup?
Use the opportunity to teach shapes. Cut cookie dough into different geometric figures; who wouldn’t want to eat a hexagon!

There is sorting (dry ingredients and wet), sequencing (what gets added first) and the opportunity to learn mathematical properties and terms such as more or less.

Set the oven temperature and convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit; adjust the timer and divide the minutes in seconds. When the cooking is complete challenge the children to share equally.
Ask lots of stimulating questions and remember to have fun while cooking and learning math.

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